About me

My name's Jenny Quach. I'm an aspiring 19-year-old girl hoping to soon be an actual published writer (actually I am published in two poem anthologies & a literary magazine). I'm practically going to college for just that reason, though I'm also aiming to find a career, other than being a writer and editor, that I'd like to maintain but enjoy. I'm thinkin' maybe psychology or counseling.

My written work is centered mostly on romance, and some of them have male/male, or homosexual, themes. However, I read almost all kinds of books! It just has to keep me interested in order for me to like it, especially if it's a nonfiction book. I prefer these genres: romance, action, adventure, young adult (YA) / teen, gay fiction, M/M romance, F/F romance, mystery, thriller, fantasy, science fiction, erotica, etc. Basically, all fiction. ;D Seriously, I love reading, SO RECOMMEND ME A BOOK OF YOURS OR ANY BOOK OKAY.

interests: writing, reading, roleplay, books, stories, romance, manga, anime, shounen-ai/yaoi/BL, & certain TV shows, movies, and music, My Candy Love, etc. too lazy to include specifics.

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