Sunday, June 9, 2013

Slow Heat in Heaven by Sandra Brown

February 26 to 28, 2013
genre: Romance

I hated Cash from beginning to..near the end. And even on the second to last page, I still hated him even then. Hate's a strong word, so maybe I just disliked him. To all these romance writers, are men gods or something? Anyway, all of the characters were dislikable, actually, but a good part of that made them all so human and real.

I rather cared more about the romance between Gayla and Jimmy Don than the main characters', though the HEA was still a nice touch.

What I noticed about Sandra Brown's somewhat flawed writing here, however, that I never noticed before in her previous books I've read, were that the things she compared using similes were completely unnecessary or bad comparisons and the dialogue had terrible word choices at times. One that stuck out was when Schyler said about Gayla, "She moaned while I was washing her." I would've said "she made a sound" instead of 'moan', though if that's just how Southern Cali people speak (as in me, not the author), I don't really know.

The point is, I wouldn't really recommend this book to anyone... If you want to read it, go right ahead. I do recommend Sandra Brown's other books, though. I liked them much better than this one.

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