Saturday, June 8, 2013

All Through the Night by Suzanne Brockmann

January 2010
genre: Thriller, Suspense, Romance, etc.

note: I have not and do not plan to read any of the other books in the Troubleshooters series. Please also note that this review (if this crap can even be called that) was written three years ago, so it is not as detailed or thorough as I would really like to review books. I promise to edit when I've reread the book again.

the first gay romance book i read, and my favorite all-time M/M (male/male) book! it's my fav even when i haven't reread it at all in the past 3 years.

this story is like any other romance fiction, mystery, adventure, action, and suspense genre tales, except, of course, for the fact that the two main characters are gay men.

this gave me an interest in gay fictions, and throughout this whole reading, i didn't even give a single thought to the sex orientation except when the characters mentioned it from time to time. well, that's not much because i never had an issue about it, but this made me finally think about it.

instead, i felt as if i was reading any other regular romance book (such as straight - boy and girl - romance). i always thought as long as it's love, boy-boy and girl-girl didn't matter one bit. if this story was based on female and female main characters, i'd still say it's like any other romance book, depending on how the story went.

the only thing i'd have wished to exclude was Dolphina and Will's part of the story and Adam's point of view. nothing against any of them, but i'd rather not have so many perspectives packed in a book.

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