Sunday, May 19, 2013

My first official blog post ever is a complaint

yeah, you read that title right. this isn't really so much pointless as it is seeking answers.

i really dislike book covers with nudity. seriously. i'm like, so what if they sell? you still can't just simply show everyone, especially conservative parents or family, in the freaking entire world the book you're reading if it has full-on nude models on the cover. sure, some people won't mind, but 'some' doesn't mean 'all'. people will think you're a total pervert or something.

so how about it? why, besides the opinion that they get books to sell and the models are hot, on earth do authors let their books (whether or not it contains sexual content) have naked people on the covers?

authors who write about delicate sexual subjects like rape or BDSM or whatever don't count! i can understand why they have nakedness goin' on.

if you feel like telling me, would you as a reader be willing to buy such books and show it off to the entire world? not me, though i would read the book itself. ;p hopefully in private, of course. OR, as an author, would you use book covers like that?

i'll wait for comments even 50 years in the future (if i'm still alive that is), so please don't feel like this is too old a post years later. i'm a curious girl.


  1. I'm not sure authors have much say in their covers when they publish traditionally. I once took a class about creating covers and the presenter shared an experience about how her publisher came back with a cover for one of her books that was horrible (it really was ugly). She was devastated and tried and tried to convince them that it wasn't right for the tone of the book, but they didn't budge. Finally, years later, she won the rights back for her book and was able to hire her own cover artist before self-publishing.

    Good luck with your new blog and your writing!

    1. i never thought of that angle before. thanks so much for pointing it out, and for the well wishes. i hope the same for you! (can't wait to read your books as well~)


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